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Company Add: NO.11 Riyue Road, Riyue Village, Xintangbian, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang, China
Contact: Manager Xu
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E-mail: yaninggs@163.com
Tel: 86-570-4988115
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Main Products: Marine & Oil Platform Fire System
Web: www.nbynxf.cn




On 3rd December, 2016, our company received a crowd of foreign friends from south-east Asia. They come here to visit our factory and learn some basic knowledge of our products, and intend to be our partner in sales and maintenance of our products in south-east Asia in their country.

pose for a group photo

Introduce for our company

Visit to exhibition hall of the products

Product test

In the assembly workshop of marine fire fighting systems

Watch the running of marine CO2 fire fighting plant

Introduce for the product

Show the ultrasonic level detector

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